Peak Performance In Motion understands the need for students interested in the field of physical therapy to gain insight and understanding of what it truly is to be a physical therapist and is committed to providing opportunities for those students to observe a day in the life of a physical therapist and/or physical therapist assistant. This is the only way to truly know if physical therapy is the right career for you.

Are you comfortable working directly with others? Do close, interpersonal interactions energize you or leave you feeling exhausted? Are you able to communicate effectively, both verbally and through written word? Are you flexible? Can you think quickly on your feet and shift gears in response to changes within an individual treatment session or in response to the flow of patient care? Do you enjoy working as part of a team? These are all questions that you should look to answer when seeking out volunteer opportunities.

We understand that a student’s schedule is very busy and we strive to maximize the value of your observation hours. We make a semester long commitment to each volunteer, providing approximately 4-5 hours per week for each student to come in and shadow one of our physical therapists.

In return, we ask that you invest in your own learning experience while at Peak Performance In Motion. Look for opportunities when the physical therapist or physical therapist assistant is not busy and ask questions related to treatments you observe, diagnoses or pathologies you see, and patient response to care. Make every attempt to gain a deeper understanding of what you are observing as well as the why behind a physical therapist’s choice of interventions and the desired or expected outcomes.

This not only enhances the quality of your volunteer experience, but it demonstrates to the physical therapist that you have a commitment to learning, that you are serious about your future career path and it will provide specific reflections for the physical therapist to look back on should you ask for a letter of reference or recommendation.

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