Insurance Info

Payment for physical therapy provided at Peak Performance In Motion is due at the time of service.

Peak Performance In Motion accepts medicare assignment, workman’s compensation and most major healthcare insurances in the reimbursement of expenses as it relates to your physical therapy care. Our staff will make every effort to obtain all pertinent information regarding your medical insurance coverage prior to your first visit. One of our knowledgeable team members will contact your insurance company and obtain a detailed statement of your insurance eligibility and benefit coverage for physical therapy services.

We will perform due diligence to ensure your understanding of these insurance benefits as they are quoted to us by your insurance company. Please make note that we are not able to guarantee that payment for physical therapy services will match the quote of benefits provided to us by your insurance company’s representative. It is always a good idea to contact the 1 (800) number on the back of your insurance card for yourself and speak directly with a customer service representative to obtain a detailed description of your physical therapy coverage and determine what your financial obligation may be.

Not Covered By Insurance?

Peak Performance In Motion offers a cash rate for those clients who are not covered under a group or individual health plan. Contact our office at (979) 696-4800 to inquire about this option.

In addition, for those clients whose injuries are the result of an auto or personal injury accident where a third party may be liable for your medical expenses, Peak Performance In Motion offers a variety of payment options to cover the cost of physical therapy services. Contact us at College Station, TX center for more details.

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